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February 2018

Eco Night, Biker Wolves, Island Honey, Coral Restoration Comes to Roatan, Channel Markers in Sandy Bay, RMP East End Begins

June 2018

Turtle Nesting in West Bay, Caribbean Cup, Alternative Livelihoods, Green Schools Blue Future, Roatan's Largest Marine Infrastructure Project to Date

November 2018

Punta Gorda Inaugurates Garifuna Cultural Center, Volunteers Drive Mangrove Reforestation Project, Environmental Education, Marine Infrastructure

January 2019

RMP 2018 Annual Report, learn more about 2018's accomplishments and challenges 

RMP launches coral restoration project in Roatan, updated RMP video out soon! 

Support us in protecting recently found turtle nests in Roatan! Learn about new apps for divers to document sightings of endangered species

Learn more about new dive sites, results of the 2019 Turtle Nesting Season, and what else we've been up to!



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