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Our workshop usually takes place twice a week on Monday and Wednesday at 4:00 PM in our office in Half Moon Bay, West End. Weather conditions must be tolerable for diving and snorkeling, and a minimum of 3 people must be signed up for the course to take place. We are happy to accommodate any special requests for groups of four or more who would prefer a different location, date, or time.


Please get in touch with us at, our Facebook page, or stop by our office to confirm the course is taking place. It is mandatory to watch our informational video before attending the workshop, and you must also bring your own BCD and regulators; we can provide tanks and weights. The lionfish workshop costs $70.00 a person—a spear and licenses included ($10 discount if you own an RMP bracelet). Immediately after completing our workshop, you will be given your license and spear to begin catching lionfish. Happy hunting!

Please Watch our Informational Video Prior to Attending our Workshop



Don’t let your Lionfish license expire, renew it online and keep on helping the reef by controlling this invasive species.

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