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Want to help our Coral Restoration Program?
Adopt a Coral Tree today!

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Certificate Example

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By adopting a nursery tree for just $250, you can help contribute to the coral reef by allowing us to fund our efforts to restore Roatan's reefs. This money allows us to carry out our weekly nursery maintenance and monthly outplant monitoring dives, as well as out-planting corals onto the reef!

We would also invite you along on a dive/snorkel to see and clean your very own tree!

What you get with your adoption:

  • Thank you letter

  • Certificate of Adoption

  • Personalized Tree Tag placed on your adopted coral nursery tree for a duration of 1 year

  • Digital image of your adopted coral nursery tree

  • Opportunity to dive with RMP and clean your tree


Through your donation, you are advocating for marine life and protecting the Bay Island's ecosystems and natural resources.


Roatan Marine Park International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations will go directly toward our core conservation efforts. Make your tax-deductible donation today!


To adopt your coral tree contact us at

Photo Credits - Antonio Busiello

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