Helping our community grow

Resilient communities, Healthy Marine Ecosystems

Our community development program has always been focused on the well being of communities dependent on the resources we seek to conserve. This year we were shaken by the global health emergency which forced all of us to adapt. During this time, we focused on seeking and creating alternative means to reach community groups that required assistance and technical support. We adapted our communication strategies and liaised with community members through a wide range of platforms including WhatsApp, Zoom and Facebook. Through these wholehearted conversations we learned about the struggles communities were facing with the island under strict lockdown and the cruise industry coming to a complete halt. In response, through our supporter network and partners, we were able to provide food rations to 250 families who were struggling due to the impacts of COVID 19. We also continued working remotely with fisher associations, artisan associations, community groups and the Corozal beekeepers. 

The Corozal Association of Apicultural Producers

Our most successful community development project supports the local community of Corozal through the production and sale of honey products.  Through funds from KFW via Marfund we were able to consolidate a community group as a business and provide them training, tools, and equipment to effectively produce and commercialize honey. The initial round of products included pure honey, honey with honeycomb and an innovative medicinal honey which includes eucalyptus and peppermint which is fantastic for treating cold and flu symptoms. The second round of products includes shampoo, conditioner and soap bars. Be sure to check out these products at our EcoStore in Half Moon Bay

Protect Our Pride (POP) 

Our POP projects support young locals to become dive professionals. We select highly motivated individuals and train them from Open Water Divers all the way to Divemasters. Those that excel are eligible to do their Instructor course and become PADI Instructors. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of local instructors and engage them in marine conservation.

SATUYE  Visitors Center

A community initiative where the local Garifunas showcase their traditions, culture and beauty of their community. Located in the north east of Roatan, Punta Gorda was the first Garifuna settlement in Honduras and Central America. The SATUYE Center, named after  Joseph Chatoyer known as Satuye, a Garifuna chief who led a revolt against the British colonial, started with the support of local leaders aiming to  attract  tourists and increase the economic development in the community. In 2018, the FAPVS (Fondo de Áreas Protegidas y Vida Silvestre), granted us the funds to upgrade the SATUYE buildings and structures,  and create economic alternatives to illegal fishing by promoting sustainable tourism. We created capacities for communities to become entrepreneurs and promote the conservation of the BINMP.  At SATUYE visitors center you will find traditional garifuna food, dance, souvenirs, and more. If you are lucky, you might be part of a traditional garifuna event.