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US Ambassador Visits our Facilities

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

In September, the US Ambassador to Honduras, Laura F. Dogu visited the RMP where we shared our conservation efforts and challenges encountered. She toured our Coral Restoration Center Roatan in Sandy Bay, where we described the coral assisted fertilization process and all the work that has been done to scale up our coral restoration efforts. In addition, she had the opportunity to visit the CRIB in West End and our coral nursery.

A big thank you to Polo's Water Association who showed how wastewater is treated and managed in West End, which contributes to the health of our reef.

The Ambassador mentioned that it was a “True pleasure to meet the dedicated staff and tour the facilities of @RoatanMP. I saw firsthand their marine and environmental conservation activities. It's important that we continue to protect the fragile ecosystems of the Bay Islands.”

She was able to visit Half Moon Bay, which is certified as a Blue Flag Beach and our newly remodeled Eco Store.

We hope this visit will lead to more collaboration to protect our reefs.

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