We are glad to share with you, all our achievements of this 1st  quarter of 2021.

We are very hopeful to make considerable changes in the conservation of our amazing reef in this challenging year. 

Challenges in the hunting season


With the lack of hunters actively removing lionfish, their numbers rapidly increased and towards the end of the year hunting season was definitely open.

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300 sites around the island

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It's a daunting and expensive task of inspecting and replacing damaged and missing moorings, but you can make this task better so we don't lose the expensive floats.  > Read More 

Marine patrols, training and technology


In the last few months the Roatan Marine Park (RMP) has strengthened its patrol program through the implementation of SMART ( Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool). > Read More 

Connecting communities

20210316_Las mujeres y el mar visita gui

Our Education program aims to increase awareness on environmental topics such as coral reefs, sea turtles, and the Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide, and thus build capacities of our reef guardians, park rangers and navy officers. 

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Fish spawning aggregation sites


Many marine animals aggregate in specific sites during the full moon, these sites are often called “hotspots” due to their productivity and their ecological importance. > Read More 

Coral restoration program success

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The program has many facets related to the coral nursery and out-plant site, with the mission of restoring Acropora corals to their previous levels of biodiversity and coral cover on the reefs surrounding Roatan. > Read More 

SCTLD the challenge we must all face together

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Surveillance and monitoring of coral colonies has become a critical action to detect sites with symptoms and focus efforts to intervene. 

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RMP, opens the way to support the communities

Taller emprendimiento e ideas de negocio

Roatan Marine Park, opens the way to support the communities through its Community Development Program for these first months of 2021, through scheduled activities within the municipalities of Roatan and José Santos Guardiola. > Read More 


Join our efforts and give back to the reef!