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Our Education and Outreach program aims to inspire and educate communities on the importance of  our marine ecosystems  in Roatan, the largest island within the Bay Island National Marine Park (BINMP).  To fulfill this goal, we promote conservation initiatives which target  different  groups  that visit,  live,  and economically rely on  the natural resources found in our Marine Protected Area (MPA). Throughout the year, our program reaches approximately  2,000+  students from all different educational levels. Additionally we reach 200+ adults and 100+ groups of foreign students who learn about the BINMP and how they can be responsible visitors. 


Schools.  Students of  all  ages  learn and  explore  the  different  ecosystems  and  priority conservation species of the MPA. They learn through presentations and field based experiences such as  visits to the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences,  reef  tours   in the   glass  bottom boat,  and guided snorkeling tours.

In order to build capacities in the students and professors we  host events, campaigns,  and develop institutional micro projects within the school . Currently we have a three school projects:

1.  “Green School, Blue Future” is a project based in Punta Gorda in  which we are developing an environmental curriculum within two schools that aspire to become eco schools and serve as  role models

2. “My Island, My Treasure, My Future” was created in 2019 in the community of Camp Bay, located on the east end of the Island.  The goal of this project is to empower the next generation of reef leaders and create national pride within the community.

3. Every year we conduct Turtle camps and holiday camps "Ocean Guardian Kids Camp" where more than 150+ students are instructed in marine conservation.


We train tour operators, transport Associations, fisher associations and companies in Best Tourist  Practices  to safeguard our reef.


We train dive operators and staff on the importance of the BINMP, Honduran diving standards and  voluntary standards in the Mesoamerican Reef.


Through the Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide, we promote a guide for retailers, restaurants and consumers to select the best and sustainable seafood choices


We carry out conservation activities and campaigns,  celebrations  of environmental days (World Wetlands, Mesoamerican Reef  and Oceans day) and support  for  current island wide initiatives such as   beach, mangroves, and  reef cleanups and waste management campaigns. We create awareness to empower  communities in sea turtle conservation.  



Please watch the following informational video to learn how you can do your part by following environmental best practices on Roatan.

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