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Cal Academy: Biodiversity of Roatan's Deep Coral Reefs

Roatan Marine Park is happy to announce their new collaboration with the California Academy of Sciences. In the month of June, a team from Cal Academy visited the island of Roatan to know more about RMP’s programs and activities. They got to know about our Patrol program and the important work the rangers do every day to protect the marine resources.

During this visit the scientists from CalAcademy dove to the mesophotic zone of our reefs to understand and report their biodiversity. Mesophotic reefs are understudied ecosystems and are therefore more vulnerable to threats. Studies like this will help us protect our resources more effectively and we are excited to collaborate with Cal Academy to continue working in the conservation of Roatan’s reefs.

Photo Credits: Luiz Rocha @coralreeffish, Curator of Fishes at @CalAcademy

We invite you to see the presentation they gave us during their visit.

A special thanks to Roatan Beach Desk, for their support.

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