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Spinner Dolphins
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Report your marine mammal sighthings



There are more than 35 species of marine mammals that have been reported for the Caribbean Region and one fifth of them are classified as threatened according to the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Marine mammals have a key role in aquatic ecosystems, they are top predators that help keep the aquatic ecosystems in balance. 
Not much is known about marine mammals in Honduras and the threats they suffer. 
Help us keep track of marine mammals sightings by sending photos of all individuals you encounter, remember to include photos of their flukes (tails fins) and dorsal fins. All marine mammals have unique patterns in their flukes and dorsal fins, these photographs will help us identify recurring individuals and any migration routes along with the Bay Islands MPA. Fill out the survey below so you can help us create a database of all sightings. 

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