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Report your Pillar Coral Sightings today!


Pillar corals are slowly becoming extinct all over the Caribbean due to increased pressure from threats such as climate change, human-derived impact, and disease. As charismatic and stunningly peculiar as these corals are, little is known about their reproductive biology and early life history. This lack of knowledge hinders conservation and inhibits research, therefore limiting restoration options.

With your help, we aim to identify the remaining resilient Pillar Coral colonies left on our reefs to closely monitor during predicted spawning events to later rear their gametes in our lab facilities and perform assisted fertilization efforts on them. Our objective is to aid in the conservation and restoration of this and all coral species affected by Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease in this way.


Report your Pillar Coral Sightings today!

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Photo Credits: Patric Lengacher

Gathering this information holds significance as it helps us pinpoint their colony locations and enables us to execute our assisted fertilization efforts effectively.

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