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Advancing Coral Spawning Research

Updated: Jun 24

Advancing Coral Spawning Research

Our research program is entering its third year of coral spawning monitoring. Currently, RMP has validated nine coral species in our predictive spawning calendar and conducted two assisted fertilization efforts. This year, we have big plans, including the construction of Honduras' first coral larval rearing facility that will consist of a well-equipped, state of the art laboratory and a set of raceways. This significant milestone is made possible through the generous support of the CORDAP grant.

Approximately 22 days of monitoring will be conducted for five coral species, and three coral fertilization efforts will allow the assembly of two CRIBs (Coral Rearing In-Situ Basins) (Crystal and Francis).

We will condition about 3,900 substrates to enable coral larvae to settle, observe their growth, and eventually transplant them to the reef.

Four dive centers: Sun Divers, West Bay Divers, Roatan Divers and Sandy Bay Divers, will support our monitoring and fertilization efforts this season. We have successfully implemented and innovated coral spawning techniques with the help of SECORE International. Our knowledge has been shared with other NGOs and government entities, broadening coral restoration efforts.

Advancing Coral Spawning Research

This year's efforts will focus on detailed monitoring, data collection and the application of cutting-edge techniques to improve coral larval survival and growth rates. Establishing the laboratory will provide a controlled environment for studying coral larvae and developing best practices for reef restoration.

We strongly encourage the community and visitors to actively support and engage with our research initiatives. Your involvement can make a significant difference in protecting and restoring the vibrant coral ecosystems that are vital to the health of our oceans and our island's future. If you have any questions or want to support us, please contact us at

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