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Ocean Youth Program

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce the Ocean Youth Program. This leadership initiative is designed to cultivate the next generation of environmental advocates and community leaders of Roatan. After an exhaustive selection process, ten exceptional young individuals from the island of Roatan were chosen to participate in this program and serve as the first cohort of local leaders.

The project training will provide these young leaders with a robust foundation in marine biology and coral biology. They will learn about coral restoration, both sexually and asexually, develop open water and advanced open water diving skills, allowing them to accompany us on our vital monitoring and restoration missions.

These young leaders have already demonstrated exceptional swimming abilities and natural confidence in the water. We are excited to see them continue to thrive and shine in the program. Our goal is to collaborate closely with the local communities to ensure that this new cohort of young people will become the pillars of environmental initiatives for years to come.

We are deeply grateful to the Rotary Club of Roatan for their generosity and support, which has enabled us to advance this project and bring it to the next level. With their unwavering commitment, we are confident that the Ocean Youth Program will have a profound and lasting impact on our oceans' health and the planet's future.


On Sunday, February 19th , our Ocean Youth Program participants were able to take their first breaths underwater. They did confined water dives, putting into practice the skills learned in class along with their dive instructors, and then go for an open water dive.

With these local young people, we hope to turn them into future environmental leaders within their communities, by joining us in coral restoration monitoring and being part of our efforts to protect our marine resources.

Stay tune for updates!

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