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Conservation Starts with Education

Conservation is futile without education. It is the key to inspiring and motivating communities.

Our education program works tirelessly and passionately to bring awareness to each and every person on the island of Roatan, as well as those just visiting us.

Breeding long-term change begins with children. This is why we design and implement programs specifically for kids.

A favorite amongst the children, according to Maria Jose Chandias, our Education Coordinator, is the sea turtle camp, where 360 students from 8 different schools in Roatan and Jose Santos Guardiola were involved in a three day event.

During these days the students learned about sea turtle biology, species and ways to help protect them; through short lectures and hands-on activities.

Our sea turtle camps also included training of teachers, 12 were from Roatan, 5 from Utila and 3 from Guanaja. The training involved the use of the "Sea, Sand and Sea turtle" manual and the tools to replicate the camps in their schools. Allowing us to expand our sea turtle awareness and conservation efforts in the marine protected area.

Between public and private, there are dozens of schools in Roatan and we aim to create alliances with them all.

Roatan’s number one economical industry is tourism.

This proposes endless opportunities to enter the hearts and minds of people, and we are always looking for ways to make the most of it.

“If you educate the consumer, then the tour guide will follow what the client wants. An educated client has the potential to generate a positive shift towards marine conservation” said Diana Fajardo, our Program Coordinator for Education and Community Development Projects.

Tour companies, restaurants, hotels, cruise ports, and dive shops, all have the power to be leaders and educators.

We have developed a toolbox with informational workshops, a responsible seafood guide, helpful resources, videos, and webinars, so that every employee of these sectors can have the tools necessary to be eco-leaders.

Future Goals

Our education program will focus on introducing marine and coastal conservation in the Bay Islands educational curriculum. Our team works together with Partners in Education Roatan (PIER), the Honduran Department of Education and other partners to complete this goal.

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