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Building Capacity: Protect Our Pride Scholarship Program

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Thanks to support from the Inter-American Foundation (IAF), the "Protect Our Pride'' scholarship program enabled 50 locals to enroll in the program whose purpose is to strengthen local tour guide skills and increase employment opportunities.

The training process took place between September 2021 and January 2022, with participants learning about tourist culture, geography and history, group conduction and First Aid, and also having the opportunity to do an 8-day course in the coastal region of La Ceiba. A 5th module focused on the protection and conservation of the Bay Islands National Marine Park (BINMP) and its ecosystems, and how to promote good environmental practices with visitors.

In January they presented their final project which consisted in preparing a novel "tour" by integrating all the knowledge acquired. In total 36 women and 6 men completed the training, receiving their diplomas which allow them to join the National Tourism Registry. The graduation event took place on March 18, accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Yadira Gomez.

We would like to congratulate all the participants for their great performance and wish them success in their future ventures. We also want to thank all the organizations that were part of the process: Inter-American Foundation, LARECOTURH, Bay Island Tourism Bureau, Honduran Institute of Tourism, Coral Reef Alliance, Galaxy Waves, Hyde Tours, Carambola Botanical Garden, Eco Caribbean Cultural Park and the Municipal Mayor's Office of Roatán.

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1 Comment

Satélite León
Satélite León
Jul 05, 2022

😀 Great job!

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