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Tikal Summit 2022 | Joining efforts for conservation at the Latin American region

We congratulate Global Conservation for the achievements of the Tikal Summit 2022, we are grateful for including RMP in this very special event, where more than 100 delegates from protected areas from 14 Latin American countries meet in a space for collective learning and the generation of alliances.

The event was led by FUNDAECO of Guatemala, with the support of MarFund, Rain Forest Trust, and Colorado State University. We got to know management models by NGOs and government technical teams from Mexico, Central, and South America. Technological alternatives were presented to strengthen the monitoring and patrolling programs of protected areas, by:

Success stories were shared in Community Management for sustainable conservation. The study tables made it possible to generate a declaration with key issues around environmental conservation and the effective management of protected areas, which we hope will contribute to regulations and strategies in the region.

This was an excellent opportunity to generate ideas and develop alliances with other regions and institutions; which we plan to share and promote with other local actors, to strengthen our actions in the Bay Islands National Marine Park.

We thank Global Conservation and the Coral Reef Alliance for joining us in this initiative. Together with Amatela, we were the only ones to represent Honduras.

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