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Dive sites with meaningful stories

Photo Credits: Antonio Busiello

In the past 6 months we saw the introduction of 12 new dive sites around the island.

- Lisa and Sean Lacey dedicated their site in Sandy Bay to their cat who recently passed, naming it “Nellie Bean”. William Emmett and William Webb wanted to commemorate their trip to Roatan and called their site “William’s Playground” which is just to the west of the AKR channel.

- “Mr Bills Happy Place” inside of Blue Channel was created by Kim and Larry Morris in memory of Bill Larson to honor his life, friendship and love for the island.

- Gail Juppenlatz paid tribute to her late husband with “Richard’s Realm” on the inside of Spooky Channel, a great site which can be visited by all his friends and neighbors.

- Shirley Blakely organized a fundraiser to purchase a dive mooring to celebrate Marilyn and Chuck Nelson's 50th anniversary, naming it “Nelson’s Nest” which is near the dolphin dive by AKR.

- The crew from purchased their sixth dive site, “Singledivers2022” which is located in the shallows to the east of the West Bay channel.

- Greg and Cris Buscetto, long time supporters of the RMP, dedicated “Bella Bean” which is near their house in Blue Harbor to Bella, their 13 year old Cavapoo who passed away in August 2020.

- The Pearsons won a raffle held by Seadivers to support the RMP and named their site “Pearson’s Prize” which is located by Marbella Beach. Mary & David Casement had such a great trip diving at AKR that they wanted to name a site for their Dive Master, calling it “Consuelo’s” which is in front of Lawson Rock.

- The Pitcher family wanted to honor their son who sadly passed away by naming his site “Brady’s World” as he had a true passion for the ocean. The site is located by Oak Ridge, close to where his great grandfather was born.

- The last dive site was dedicated to Rino Jackson who suddenly passed away. Dive shop owner and avid diver and lover of all things macro, his site was installed round the point in West Bay near Pablos and is called “Rino Phores”.

If you want to commemorate a loved one, give someone an original gift, or just simply bragging rights, please contact us to find out more on our “Naming your own dive site” program.

In addition to the 12 new dive sites, 18 older sites required new chain and rope due to wear and tear or improper use, and a further 22 dive sites required rope to be replaced. We have been adding plastic floats to the majority of the mooring lines under the surface to help keep the chain off the reef. If you find a line that requires one of these floats, please notify us so we can fix the mooring before the rope cuts on the coral.

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