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Moorings with more than one purpose

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Moorings Roatan Conran Cave

Moorings in Roatan’s 350 diving and snorkel sites primary purpose is to provide a reef-friendly way for boats to anchor. To ensure they play their reef preservation role effectively, RMP spends nearly 10% of its annual resources maintaining and replacing them. In the past six months, we installed or replaced 87 chains and ropes at 25% of the sites. Several of these can now support larger boats because of their heavier anchorages, concrete deadweights and thicker lines.

Another purpose the moorings serve is fundraising. Fees from moorings not only cover our maintenance costs, they also subsidize community projects. This year they’re supporting programming at West End Community Center which provides kids with a safe and effective learning environment.

Naming rights for moorings is a second way they generate funds for RMP. For $2500, you can name your own mooring on behalf of a loved one! New names that were recently added are: Al’s Garden and Addie’s Garden (in memory of Alistair Bennie’s parents); Janie’s Garden (in memory of Jason Sullivan’s mother); Happy Jack’s Wall (in memory of Michelle Osthoff’s husband); and Conran Cave.

Contact to name your own mooring (it might be even better to link to a short form they complete.) Roatan

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