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Nicholas Bach

Patrols & Marine Infrastructure Coordinator

"Having played every role within the organization, his primary roles now are installing and maintaining an extensive marine infrastructure program throughout the whole of Roatan."

Nic was born and raised in London and even though he didn't live near the sea, he developed a passion for the ocean and its inhabitants. Trying to gain as much experience in the field and before starting his BSc in Marine Biology, he traveled to the Philippines to volunteer for Coral Cay Conservation. In the summers during university he traveled through South East Asia and acquired his Dive Master, as well as working at MOTE Marine Lab in Sarasota, Florida. After graduating from Portsmouth he got a position as Science Officer with CCC in Fiji and then traveled through New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Borneo, diving as he went. To secure a position in the field, Nicholas obtained his Masters in Tropical Coastal Management at Newcastle University and traveled to Mombasa, Kenya, to conduct his thesis. After graduating an opportunity arose with a possible position with the Roatan Marine Park and since 2006 he has never looked back. Having played every role within the organization, he is now a Program Manager overseeing the RMP’s extensive marine infrastructure program, as well as the Lionfish and Patrol programs.  Nicholas likes to take on additional projects such as organizing fundraising events and networking with other organizations

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