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Sea turtle camps: Contributing to the future of ancient marine beings

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Sea turtle camps

As old as the dinosaurs, sea turtles have been around forever. But human activity puts these fantastic reptiles, who keep our reefs and oceans healthy, at risk. Even before they are born, they face various threats.

We hosted three-day camps coinciding with the turtle’s nesting period to protect our beloved sea turtles. Nearly four hundred children from nine communities around Roatan participated in the campaign. Through talks, videos, activities, and games, the participants learned about sea turtles and the threats to their long-term survival.

Participants got involved in beach clean-ups, learning about the problems caused by solid waste pollution in our marine ecosystems. We also created a poster about Sea Turtles that will be featured in each participating school and an animated educational video about Sea Turtles and ways to get involved in our conservation efforts.

Special thanks to the New England Biolabs Foundation for supporting our environmental education program for the third year. Together, we can say: save the sea turtles!

Together we can say Save the sea turtles!

SSea turtle camps: Contributing to the future of ancient marine beings

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