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“Rino Phores” - A Dive Site to Remember and Celebrate a Local Icon

Ask a diver what their most memorable dive has been, and they will tell you why, usually followed by the site’s name. The first entry to fill in a dive log book is ‘Dive Site Name’. Names hold meaning for people, and dive sites especially, because each one represents the wonder and beauty of the ocean.

Roatan currently has about 330 dive site moorings, mostly located in the areas of West End, West Bay, and Sandy Bay.

RMP’s Name a Dive Site Program

A major source of funding for installing and maintaining hundreds of moorings is our

Name a Dive Site program. With this program, people can make a minimum donation and name their very own dive site.

We will install a mooring and engrave the name for all to see. It is a uniquely incredible gift or way to commemorate a loved one.

Perhaps one of the most memorable moorings for the local dive community was recently installed at an out of the way site and named Rino Phores.

“Rino Phores” - A Fitting Dive Site Name

Picked to honor and remember a local dive professional and owner of Jackson Dive Center, Rino Jackson passed away abruptly while playing a game of basketball. Rino was an icon of the West End community, and was loved by many.

One of Rino’s most well-known attributes was his eyesight. Nicknamed, “Mr. Magic Eyes”, he loved spotting all the little things on a dive. His favorite, however, were nudibranchs.

Nudibranchs just so happen to have something called rhinophores. These sensory organs give nudibranchs the ability to smell.

Rino was not a fan of crowds, he enjoyed peace and quiet, the location of the site reflected this. Around the point of West Bay, it is an area not many people venture to. It has a huge sand patch with countless nudibranchs. A site Rino loved to geek out at.

As a result of donations from friends and family, we will soon be installing a commemorative plaque with his photo at the site.

“Rino Phores”… a name created from love, loss, and honor. A site to remember and celebrate.

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