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Improving the Health of Roatan's Marine Ecosystems


Did you know that the Roatan Marine Park is managing a coral restoration project?

We are happy to report that the new coral fragments are growing well in the nurseries, and the coral trees have attracted many visiting species such as spotted eagle rays! With the assistance of supporting dive shops and resorts, we have successfully planted 20 trees. We plan to continue the program with additional support from shops and sponsors, creating new opportunities for the community to actively contribute to the conservation, and improve the overall health of, Roatan's marine ecosystems.

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The project includes a Roatan Marine Park Coral Restoration Certification Course for divers and dive shops interested in participating in the project.

There will also be an opportunity for Dive Instructors to teach the Certification Course once they have assisted with coral nursery maintenance and out planting.


Contact us to learn how to get involved as an experienced diver or dive shop. 



With your help, we will be able to continue and expand the Marine Park Coral Restoration Program. Your donation will help fund the installation of addition trees to grow our coral reef nursery, increase out planting areas, and help conserve Roatan's precious reef system.

On behalf of the RMP Team,

thank you for your donation!