I am a marine life lover, part of the Roatan Marine Park Team since 2011, since then I been involved in all RMP programs. Fight for the Marine life wellness is my passion, I thanks the RMP for give the this opportunity

Dámaris Guevara,

Sales and Marketing

Dámaris Guevara is a marine life lover, who started working with the Roatan Marine Park in 2011 as a donation kiosk advisor in the cruise ports and since then she has dabbled and participated in all other RMP programs. The experience gained in customer service as well as her affable and charismatic personality prepared her to work now in the Marketing and Sales area. She is a certified Advanced Open Water (AOW) and gets excited with any activity that has to do with the sea and the conservation of its biodiversity. Since before her 40 days of life she loved being in the sea so she regularly practices swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, boat rides or just relaxing in the sea.