I am very lucky to work with an amazing team at the RMP, who dedícate their time and effort to improve the conservation of Marine ecosystems in Honduras.

Gabriela Ochoa,

Program Manager

Gabriela is currently a Program Manager for the Roatan Marine Park (RMP). She oversees the organization’s conservation  and research programs. Prior to her position at the RMP, she was the Country Coordinator for Honduras with MarAlliance, where she worked specifically with sharks and rays on the Mesoamerican reef system. Through this work she completed the first marine megafauna baseline monitoring in the country. Prior to working with MarAlliance, Gabriela worked for the GEF Small Grant Programme working on different developmental projects with strong conservation emphasis. There she had the opportunity to work alongside artisanal fishers on the pacific coast of Honduras to standardize sea turtle monitoring methods for Olive Ridleys. Gabriela graduated from Texas A&M university with a degree in Marine Biology and a Masters in Conservation and Biodiversity at the University of Exeter in England. She has also been a fellow for the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders (EWCL) program and the Conservation Leadership Program (CLP).