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Scholars' Meeting 2023 | Sustainable Tourism

Encuentro Becarios 2023 - Turismo Sostenible

Roatán is one of Honduras' most popular tourist destinations due to its beautiful beaches and warm climate. However, there is much more to see and experience on the island than just that. The people of Roatán are its greatest treasure, and why many visitors decide to return time and time.

Recently, RMP's team has been working hard to promote responsible and sustainable tourism on the island of Roatán. Through the "Protect Our Pride, POP" scholarship program, they have been training local entrepreneurs to promote a culture of sustainable tourism on the island.

The "Love where you live" First Scholars' Meeting was an opportunity for program beneficiaries to share their experiences and how it has impacted their lives. There were also dynamics to create community tours that allowed tourists to experience Roatán's cultural treasures. Through these efforts, RMP hopes to develop a sense of appreciation for the island's natural and cultural resources and an entrepreneurial spirit that promotes sustainable and responsible tourism.

RMP will offer training workshops, technical advice, and coaching for local entrepreneurs to continue this goal. These efforts benefit the island and the community's families as they ensure long-term livelihood and prosperity.

Para continuar con este objetivo, RMP seguirá ofreciendo talleres de capacitación, asesoramiento técnico y coaching para los emprendedores locales. Estos esfuerzos no sólo benefician a la isla, sino también a las familias de la comunidad, ya que aseguran el sustento y la prosperidad a largo plazo.

Roatán es más que sol y playa. Es una isla rica en cultura y tradición, y gracias a los esfuerzos de RMP, la comunidad de Roatán está trabajando arduamente para preservar su patrimonio cultural y natural mientras se promueve un turismo responsable y sostenible.

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