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Roatan's Education Team Empowers Community

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Do you know whether a coral is a plant, animal or rock - or some combination? This is a question our education team has lately been asking Roatan’s residents and visitors. What we’re learning is that most don’t know. In addition, they typically don’t understand the critical role that reefs play in the Bay Islands ecosystem and just how fragile that ecosystem is. So our job is to educate them - especially our youth. We’re proud to say that we’ve built over 500 students’ knowledge levels this year on coral biology, causes of coral stress and damage and ways they can help to conserve our reefs.

In addition, we’ve been educating adults through environmental talks that we offer in partnership with a number of island institutions including the Naval Force, COPECO, National Firefighters and the National Police; key members of the local community.

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