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Marine conservation is back in the classrooms!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Two years since the beginning of quarantine, we are happy to announce that Honduras’ education centers are getting back to normal with students returning to the classrooms. Between January and May, our Education Coordinator met with a total of 1,240 students from 16 schools from 13 communities from around the island.

A recently created program titled the Reading for Conservation Program is a result of a partnership that emerged in 2021 with the Abundant Life Foundation (ALF), an initiative that is part of the development of the Bilingual Literacy Program led by ALF.

In this program we carry out practices that relate to the grammar, reading and understanding of English using topics related to the ecosystems and animal species present on Roatan. The goal is to develop a sense of conservation of natural heritage in the future leaders of our island. The activities were carried out in Flowers Bay, Sandy Bay and Brick Bay. We focused on the importance of coral reefs, seagrasses, mangroves and sea turtles and our next step is to take the classroom to the sea with a guided visit of the reef where the kids can appreciate marine life first hand.

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