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Anchoring in the Bay Islands National Marine park is prohibited both on the coral and seagrass. We offer mooring balls in West End so sailboats can enjoy their stay in Roatan close enough to all the attractions without damaging our fragile resources.


We currently have 25 mooring balls, 21 that consist of two 6ft sand screws and 7/8 nylon rope, and 4 with three 6ft sand screws, half a drum of concrete and 7/8 nylon rope.

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The mooring fees are as follows:

  • 1 day US$ 10 

  • 1 week US$ 50 

  • 1 month US$ 150

  • 1 day on a heavy-duty mooring US$ 30 

Please contact us to check availability at​ before paying, because this service is offered on the basis of first come, first serve.

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While visiting Roatan please adhere to the regulations of the BINMP

It is illegal to remove sharks, turtles, conch, lobster, parrotfish, and tang, along with corals, sponges and seafans. The use of spearguns, polespears, and Hawaiian slings is prohibited unless you acquire a license from the RMP to hunt lionfish with a sling no longer than 3ft.


Dive and snorkel moorings around the island are available for all marine recreational users so you are welcome to tie your dinghies and explore the neighboring reefs. Dive boats do take priority so don’t be surprised if you find your dingy on the back of one when you return from your dive. The dive moorings are not intended for visiting sailboat so please use only your dinghies.


While the yacht moorings are routinely inspected, you use them at your own risk and it is recommended that the pins and lines are checked upon arrival. Please use an adequate scope line (minimum 15ft) when tying to the mooring and you are welcome to add an additional line to the pins.


The moorings are intended for calm weather and we strongly recommend that if a storm is forecasted, you relocate to sheltered harbor. The RMP cannot be held responsible for any damage boats incur when using the moorings.


While West End is relatively safe, it is recommended that all personal possessions are stored away and dinghies are chained and removed from the water at night as there have been thefts over the years.


Please pay via the link and have a safe stay here in West End


Click Here


Please contact us to check availability at
before paying, because this service is offered on the basis of first come, first serve.


Photo Credits - Antonio Busiello 

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