Day by day, each one of us, has an influence and effect the environment, nature and people of this beautiful spot of the planet, which many would like to be at: Roatán… may our daily habits be a contribution to a more healthy, fare and worthly living place for all beings that coexist here…be responsible, be aware, do your part.

Diana Fajardo,

Project Coordinator

Diana is a social science professional with a Master’s degree in Management of Agro-ecological Knowledge and Social Change from Wageningen University, The Netherlands; and a Bachelor’s degree in Socio Economic and Environmental Development from Zamorano University, Honduras. Throughout her 10-year career she has worked on the design, evaluation and systematization of Community Development Programs with diverse areas: watershed rehabilitation and management, sustainable agriculture, local economic development (LED), community health programs and establishment of Loan and saving community groups and federations. She is the mentor of a Local Economic Development model called “Apreciando lo Nuestro”: proposing participatory mechanisms for the mobilization of local resources, aimed to raise awareness on consumption habits and economical literacy, enhancing local entrepreneurship through the use of ‘coaching’ to raise local empowerment and leadership. These job and study opportunities have taken her around different regions of the world: Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Diana is passionate about outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, snorkeling and diving, as well as meditation, yoga and alternative healing therapies.