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Safeguarding Roatan's Marine Ecosystems

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Safeguarding Roatan's Marine Ecosystems

Our patrol team is using sophisticated software tools to improve their patrolling efforts and learning a lot in the process. This year we’ve added EarthRanger, which provides high-quality visualization and data analysis that allow for much better monitoring, control, and surveillance of Roatan’s marine resources. The tools’ most valuable features are the real-time visualization and reporting of incidents and threats to key ecosystem elements such as mangroves, reefs, and marine fauna, as well as the provision of highly precise information resource guards in each conservation area. Safeguarding Roatan's Marine Ecosystems

Safeguarding Roatan's Marine Ecosystems
“The use of EarthRanger is allowing us to have a more effective management of incident and threats to conservation objects registration in each site we patrol around the island.”- Kevin Moncada, Patrols Coordinator

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