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Tag Hunt Guidelines

Tag Hunt Rules

  • RMP's Tag Hunt 2021, will have two sites with the Golden Tag, the dive sites that find them and submit their photos will win prizes. Golden Tags photo, must be taken with a slate with the DiveShop Name 

  • We will have a third prize for the dive shop that takes the most tag photos, too.

  • Check Dive Site Maps, here

  • For any questions our comments please sent us an email to sctld@roatanmarinepark.org

  • Golden Tag Winner # 1 -  $25 coupon at Ginger's Caribbean Grill

  • Golden Tag Winner # 2 - $20 coupon at Chocolate Factory

  • Dive Shop that takes the most tag photos will win - $20 at RMP's Eco Store + $50 coupon at Sundowner's Beach Bar.

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