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Let your lens capture the wonders of the reef.

Patric Lengacher, Under water Conservation 3rd Place Winner - Photo Contest 2022 

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Chris Huth, Compact Macro 1st Place Winner - Photo Contest 2022


We are now accepting submissions for the 2023 annual RMP Photo Contest until May 31st at 12:00 EST. Enter today for a chance to have your photos featured in the 2024 RMP Calendar!



- Wide-Angle

-  Macro

- Marine Life Behavior

- Marine Life Portrait

- Black & White / Artistic

- Underwater Conservation

- Invertebrates

- Divers

- Best Find

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Thanks for submitting to RMP Photo Contest 2023! We invite to check your email, for confirmation.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

Caroline Power, Marine Life Portrait 1st Place Winner - Photo Contest 2022 

Fire up your cameras and submit your best shot! RMP 2023 Photo Contest is on the way and we are waiting for your participation. 

Submit your photo here!

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