Improving  Patrols through new Technologies

In the last few months the Roatan Marine Park (RMP) has strengthened its patrol program through the implementation of SMART ( Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool). This tool allows the team to be able to collect daily information from patrols using geographic information systems, servers, and electronic devices (mobile phones and laptops) that are used to upload, analyze, visualize, and share data. Our park rangers have the SMART application in their mobile devices and can collect real time data as they conduct their patrols. For example, they are able to record the distance traveled by each patrol and type of mandate, fuel consumption, exact location of incidents, record of personnel from other institutions accompanying rangers. Each incident is documented through photographs and relevant data to understand how the activities that are carried out illegally affect the different coastal marine ecosystems and their associated species on the island. Long term data collection through SMART will enable the RMP to be able to determine high priority areas where incidents happen frequently and use resources effectively to address these threats.

Our most outstanding results so far:

  • 191 patrols have been carried out since January 2021

  • Between the different mandates, the park rangers have traveled approximately 9,000 km carrying out patrols around the island of Roatán

From January to date, 23 incidents have been reported:

  • Illegal fishing incidents (8)

  • Illegal gear incidents (6)

  • Fishing in restricted areas (6).

  • Removal or damage to seagrass (3)

Lobster  (16)

Queen Counch  (41)

Parrotfish  (12)

Groupers (4)

 Grunts  (9)

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