Marine turtles play a vital role in marine ecosystems around the world, yet they are one of the most imperiled species groups. Sea turtles face the challenges of habitat destruction, climate change, accidental capture in fishing gear, and poaching. In today's oceans, nearly all species of sea turtles are classified as endangered and only 1% of hatchlings will survive to reach sexual maturity. Simply put, there are not enough turtles to eat. 

The extraction and commercialization of sea turtles and their nests is illegal in Honduras. Unfortunately, the poaching of sea turtles and their nests is still a common occurrence on Roatan today. The Roatan Marine Park is committed to the protection these threatened species and their young from the day of nesting, until the day of spawning. We use a mesh net to provide protection from one of the chief causes of hatchling and egg mortality in sea turtles, natural predators such as dogs, seabirds, and crabs. We hope to create a sense of conscientious thinking in Roatan where endangered species are not slaughtered for their eggs, meat, skin, or shells. 


The Roatan Marine Park will offer a cash reward of $100 to anyone who reports a turtle nesting to RMP in a timely manner. If an RMP representative is not able to arrive at the location on time, the individual must successfully and responsibly document the sea turtle nesting and its safe return to the open ocean. RMP will then take all necessary precautions to give the eggs the best chance of survival, wether it be relocation, taking security measures, or keeping the nest a secret. Once the turtle eggs hatch and safely reach the open ocean, the individual who reported the nest will receive another $100. This combined cash reward is far more than one could hope to gain through poaching. Please work with us to stop the decline of sea turtles and ensure their recovery for future generations.


Let Us Know

If you see or hear of sea turtle nesting,  poaching, or selling of turtle meat or eggs on Roatan:

Contact RMP at

9430-3204 / 3320-6940

East End: 8803-4800


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