Sea turtles are very important for our oceans, however they face many threats including the destruction of their habitat, marine debris resulting in death from entanglement or consumption of plastic, accidental capture in fishing gear, illegal shell trade, and poaching for consumption. 

Turtles are precious and all 7 species are in danger of extinction. With only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings surviving to adulthood, they are in dire need of our help and protection. That's why the Roatan Marine Park Sea Turtle Project’s mission prioritise preserving these wonderful creatures.  The extraction and commercialization of sea turtles and their nests is illegal in Honduras, yet the poaching of sea turtles and their nests is still a common occurrence on Roatan today.

Our project is committed to protect these threatened species and their young from the day of nesting until the day of hatching. Once a nest is discovered, it is immediately fenced off to protect the eggs from natural predators such as dogs, seabirds, and crabs. We hope to create a sense of conscientious thinking in Roatan where endangered species are not slaughtered for their eggs, meat, skin, or shells. 


Last year 10 nests were reported and protected, resulting in over 1,000 hatchlings making their way safely into the water. This year the turtle nesting season started early with nests found on the East End at the beginning of May. In 2020 we are expecting a busy season with more nests to be discovered in the next few months. Please work with us to stop the decline of sea turtles and ensure their recovery for future generations.


Sea Turtles

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