Increasing Knowledge and Awareness of the Community  on the Reef

Following our goal of raising awareness, our Education  Coordinator, Timna Varela participated in the  First Marine Educators of Latin America Meeting  (RELATO Spanish acronym) where she had the opportunity to present all the  achievements of the education program in awareness strategies and  participate in an Education for Conservation forum. 

These last few months have been incredibly busy, and the next ones will be even more so! Several communities are preparing for the turtle nesting season in terms of reporting nests or nesting turtles. Soon it will be time to support sea turtle conservation in various ways, one of them through donations that help to promote efforts to protect these species in different communities of Roatan. This season, remember, help a hatchling, one flipper at a time! 

Our education program is taking off this second quarter with great expectations and ambitious initiatives to reach our local communities and engage them in our conservation efforts. This year we launched a brand-new concept of our Responsible Seafood Guide, encompassed in a  campaign titled “This is our way”. The new concept is focused on instilling a sense of ownership in fishers, retailers, consumers and restaurant owners highlighting their common vision of island ownership and ways they can make informed decisions to support responsible seafood consumption.  You can check out the new responsible seafood guide here.

Besides inspiring the local communities, our program has always aimed at increasing the knowledge and awareness of children and adults on reef conservation. Following all the biosecurity measures, small groups have been connected with the “big blue” as they visited the reef either by a snorkeling expedition or in a glass bottom boat tour. All these events are possible thanks to the collaboration of partners, organizations as well as individuals. Special thanks to Abundant Life Foundation, the Red Mundial de Jóvenes Políticos, the Iron Shore Mermaid, Cannibal Café, Polo’s Water and  Lions Club of Roatan Islands.