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María José Chandias

Education and Outreach Coordinator

"As RMP's Coordinator of the Education and Outreach program I find performing activities with schools, dive shops, companies and visitors enriching."

Maria José graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (UNAH), with a bachelor degree in biology. During her time in the university, she became volunteer in the Olive Ridley Turtle Protection Program in the pacific coast and in the hawksbill turtle protection program in the Cayos Cochinos natural monument. In 2017 she joined MarAlliance team as an intern where she carried out shark monitoring and environmental education activities. Upon finishing her studies, she began working as a technician at the Dirección General de Pesca y Acuicultura (DIGEPESCA) where she participated in the prospecting of fisheries resources abord of the research vessel Jorge Carranza Fraser, Central America campaign and also was in charge of International Commission for The Conservation Of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) issues. Likewise, she carried out inspection activities, control of illegal fishing and work with fishermen in the Honduran Mosquitia.

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