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Coral Restoration Ambassador and Adventurer Courses

The RMP Coral Restoration Program involves both growing baby corals in the coral nursery, as well as out-planting coral fragments onto the reef. Chief’s Quarters dive site was chosen as our first outplant site as it met the optimal depth requirements for both Staghorn and Elkhorn corals, and featured healthy wild Acropora coral colonies. Since June 2020, we have out-planted a total of 340 coral fragments across 34 clusters of corals..


Monitoring the outplants is a critical step in our process, as we need to be able to track and understand resilience or susceptibility to bleaching and disease among the genotypes in our program. It is imperative that we are able to find the outplanted corals again after they’ve been planted - which as you can imagine, on such a big reef, can be quite challenging!

After out-planting, we monitor the coral outplants at one month, six months and twelve months, including photos and measurements of the coral. A detailed dive site map allows us to efficiently find the specific clusters we’re looking for without using up all of our air swimming around in circles. 


The Chief’s Quarters out-plant site map has been built over the last year, growing in detail as we have added more and more coral clusters. The map is designed to use points of interest as markers and allows us to triangulate the location of a given coral cluster based on the surrounding clusters. 


If you’re diving on the island and you visit the Chief’s Quarters dive site, have a look around in the shallow reef, and you should be able to spot some of our out-planted coral clusters!


If you’re interested in getting involved, we’d love to have your support! Please reach out to and ask about the Coral Restoration Ambassador and Adventurer Courses.