We can't study and conserve everything, but we can all help to know and conserve something. And this is the challenge and daily work of the excellent multidisciplinary team at Roatan Marine Park. 

Damaris Dueñas,

Research Assistant

Damaris Dueñas graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH), (UNAH Spanish acronym), with a Bachelor’s in Biology in 2019. During her time at UNAH she became involved with the Museum of Natural History of the National Autonomous University of Honduras, where she assisted collecting data from several ongoing researches and as educational interpreter of the museum’s collection. There she worked closely with abundance and diversity of marine invertebrates (corals, sea stars and conchs) and sea bed grass habitat. She joined the MarAlliance team as a University intern in 2018, supporting the education and research program, which later led to a full-time position as Education and Outreach Officer. Where she worked in monitoring shark and ray populations together with fishermen and scientists from different parts of the Caribbean, in addition to instructing students and fishing communities with environmental education on the biology, protection and monitoring of marine megafauna (large animals). Eventually, she worked with citizen science projects by studying currents and marine litter to demonstrate the need for laws for the management of plastic consumption on the Island. Currently she works as a Research Assistant for the NGO Roatan Marine Park, where he performs various study monitoring for evaluate the health of coral, lobster and fish reproductive aggregations, and provide information to help improve management, protection and surveillance policies in the Islas de la Bahia Marine National Park.