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The accelerated development of the Bay Islands has brought a high recurrence of mechanical damage to the reef through the anchoring on reef and collision of vessels. Our Marine Infrastructure Program is a community service provided to all boat owners in an effort to save the reef. Through our dive and snorkel moorings we protect coral and living species by reducing damage caused by anchoring on the reef and fuel being dumped directly on these ecosystems. RMP's channel markers demarcate the exit and entry points of the majority of the trafficked areas around Roatán, increasing the safety of navigating through Roatan's narrow channels and reducing the occurrence of collisions.

RMP has installed and maintains over 230 dive and snorkel moorings, 80 channel markers, and 20 demarcation markers, accounting for around 90% of the marine infrastructure around Roatan. With Roatan's recent unsustainable increases in population and tourism, our task is becoming ever more challenging. These important and costly installations are available for all boat owners and are frequently used by dive shops, fishermen, and snorkel tour operators. We hope to install an additional 10 dive moorings by the end of 2018, but we need your help. Every time a supporter donates to name a dive site, their gift will cover the cost of installing 4 additional dive moorings.


Anchoring on coral is illegal in Honduras. Our marine infrastructure program provides an alternative in an effort to protect the reef. 


Please follow our suggested guidelines about how to use our moorings in a responsible manner. 

Standard Mooring Procedures:

Always maneuver slowly and approach buoys against the wind and current if possible.

Do not attach the buoy pickup line to a cleat on your boat. Instead pull one of your own dock lines through the eye of the pickup line and secure both ends on deck. Allow enough slack so that the scope of the mooring and resiliency of the system will be increased.

Have you ever dreamt of naming your own dive site? Now you can and your contribution will have a direct impact on our conservation efforts. 

Name Your Own Dive Site
How You Can Help

Want to contribute to conservation efforts? Perhaps you want to honor the memory of a loved one? Or shopping for the perfect gift? Either way, naming your own dive site is a rewarding program and we deeply appreciate all the of your support. This is our way of honoring your generous donation.