300 sites around the island

With so many storms in recent months, we have noticed that lots of the moorings are missing so we are asking for your help in monitoring them. When you dive a site, please take a moment to check the rope around the buoy and down near the chain for rubbing and if the line looks bad, please cut it and bring it back to shore. We are slowly replacing old lines and adding new hard plastic orange riser floats to prevent the line becoming entangled in the reef and cutting. With over 300 sites around the island, it is a daunting and expensive task of inspecting and replacing damaged and missing moorings, but you can make this task better so we don't lose the expensive floats. 


Three new moorings were installed around West bay and all were in commemoration of lost loved ones. Alexis Zebrowski named "Marilyn's Mystery" after her mother, "Dustin's Dropoff" was named by the Bourn's family in memory of their eldest son, and "Tommy's Pit Stop" was for Tommy Bauer, a long time resident of Roatan and a character that affected lots of people here on the island. Naming a site after a loved one that passed away is an amazing way to commemorate them and keep them in people's memories.  Check our social media to  learn more about this amazing Dive Site Stories.