Reducing threats to the reef
by remembering loved ones

We have been responsible for the installation and maintenance of the majority of the marine infrastructure around Roatan since our creation back in 2005. Originally our focus was solely on West Bay, West End and Sandy Bay. As our responsibilities have expanded, incorporating more of the island, so too have our programs. Currently, there are over 300 dive and snorkel moorings throughout the island and this is a service we provide to all the marine recreational users to prevent people from dropping anchor on the reef which is prohibited. The sale of the marine park user fee at dive shops contributes to the maintenance of these buoys and all snorkel boats, fishermen, water taxis and other watercraft are welcome to use the buoys. We only ask that people tie up correctly to the moorings and report or bring back any damaged lines and floats.

In recent months there were six new moorings added around the island, with the majority commemorating loved ones who recently passed. The community of Palmetto came together to remember a homeowner, Joan Hester by naming a shallow mooring on the inside of the Palmetto channel "Joan's Peace". A much loved member of the West End community Bill Perkins was commemorated by dedicating a site at his favorite spot in West Bay, calling it "Bill Perkins Peace". Michael Conran wanted to remember a dear SCUBA friend by naming his site "Baby Stan Steinberg" and installing it near AKR, just to the east of Peter's Place. "Doug's Dream" was installed near Turquoise Bay through the support of his dive companions and is located near Sea Star Channel. One diver who has been visiting Roatan for decades is Doc Adelman. He wanted to have his love for the island memorialized by naming his site "PG&me@CCV" after his close friend Patty Grier from Cocoview. It is not always just people that are missed and this next site "Chloe Bean's Canyons" near Canyon Reef was named by Xavier Lozinguez after his dog which recently passed. To find out more about our Naming a Dive site program, please visit the  Name a Dive Site section.


Besides our dive and snorkel buoys, we also maintain 25 yacht moorings in West End and in the next few months we will be expanding our program to French Key with financial support from ZOLITUR. Initially 15 yacht moorings will be installed in the lagoon with more to follow using funds generated from the mooring fees. These moorings are critical to prevent boat anchors from destroying the seagrass beds which are an important habitat for hundreds of species. For years this has been happening in French Key so we hope that these moorings will allow for the seagrass to regrow. The money generated from the mooring fees will go towards patrolling the area and also the maintenance and upkeep of the moorings.