investing in our future


Our ambitious education program aims to reach over 3,000 children a year. We visit schools, organize beach clean ups and mangrove replantations. We run programs such as the Junior Park Ranger programs which actively engages and inspires youth to interact with and protect our natural resources. When we have a turtle releasing we invite the local community to get involved and learn more. We organize glass bottom boat trips to inspire kids to appreciate their local environment.

We work with the private sector to educate and engage in our conservation practices.This includes our single use plastic reduction program which offers alternatives such as paper cups and paper straws. We also run a Responsible Seafood Guide which trains the local businesses on purchasing behaviors, closed seasons and markets participating restaurants. We educate locals and tourists alike on the best practices for ordering and supporting these businesses.

We work with the local community, members of the West End Patronato and private businesses to arrange groups of volunteers getting together to arrange monthly beach clean ups. Raising awareness about the global crisis we face around trash is essential to the conservation of our precious natural resources.

We do our best to raise awareness amongst tourists and visitors. Many don’t know what the reef is or how to interact with it. Others don’t realize the local threats attached to Climate Change or what harmful products and daily interactions with the reef may bring.

Roatan Marine Park: How to be Responsible Visitors

Please watch the following informational video to learn how you can do your part by following environmental best practices on Roatan.