Inspire, educate, and empower communities and visitors to conserve and protect marine environments for the benefit of all.


Healthy marine environments on the Bay Islands and thriving communities now and into the future.


Since 2005, RMP has protected Roatan’s reefs and ecosystems.


We are a community based, nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of Roatan’s protected marine and coastal area including all of its flora, fauna, physical and biological characteristics and phenomena, and historical and cultural resources.


Our efforts are accomplished through our broad range of programs and resources, none of which would be possible without the support of our local community, partners, and donors.


RMP operates within Roatan’s marine protected area, one of three islands' MPAs which make up the 650,000 hectare Bay Islands National Marine Park.


The national park safeguards a significant portion of the Mesoamerican Reef System, an ecosystem that is extremely vulnerable to climate change and terrestrial pollution.


All of our organization’s efforts are directed at protecting and preserving the increasingly fragile marine ecosystems around Roatan due to sharp increases in the island’s population and tourism in recent years.


The RMP has adopted the strategy of protecting the reef by taking pressure off the reef.


By providing the community with sustainable alternatives to behaviors that are harmful to nature, we can create a lasting sense of environmental responsibility on Roatan. Our work revolves around six key programs and generally falls into three pillars: enforcing environmental protection, empowering our community, and promoting environmental responsibility.


We believe the successful implementation of these three pillars will have a real impact on improving the health and sustainability of every living thing in our ecosystem, as well as ourselves. 


The marine and coastal environments in the Bay Islands have always shaped the lives, culture, and history of its people and will continue to do so.


The island’s ecosystems and resources are not luxuries of nature, they are necessities to sustain any healthy and thriving community within the Bay Islands. Roatan’s rapidly growing population both directly and indirectly depends on the ocean, both for its economic resources that drive the fishing, agriculture, and tourism industries on the island and the sense of identity it brings to the people of Roatan.


RMP believes together, in partnership with individuals, communities, businesses, foundations, and governments we can keep our oceans clean, our coral vibrant, and our community healthy.