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RMP, opens the way to support the communities

Through our Community Development Program for these first months of 2021 we have scheduled activities in  the  municipalities of Roatan and José Santos Guardiola. In the municipality of Roatan, our work has been increasing with new communities added since in previous years the assistance was focused on the communities of West End and Sandy Bay.  The coverage in the department is increasing and the result of this is the achievement of beginning new activities in the community of Los Fuertes !


  • IWe hosted a workshop  on the Sustainable Development of Developing Communities.  articipation of the Group of Women Entrepreneurs of the Los Fuertes community, made up of 24 women who were encouraged and interested in working together with RMP for the sustainable development of the community.

  • Another achievement for RMP from the approach with the group of women of the community of Los Fuertes was the interest of the group of women of the community of Coxen Hole and Flowers Bay which are associated with the Office of Women of the Municipality of Roatan, who ask RMP to provide technical support to their knowledge reinforcement activities on "The creation of alternative means of development", this group has a total of 71 members who are very enthusiastic about working hand in hand with RMP to carry our message. to their communities how together we can achieve a sustainable development and at the same time sustainable with the community and at the same time being friendly with natural resources.

In the case of José Santos Guardiola, the neighboring municipality of Roatan, this being the one with the most difficult access to cooperation and support from the institutions, when looking at this inequality.


RMP is involved with the community through the Community Fishermen's Association from Punta Gorda and Santa Elena, so a joint work with these groups is started, from which it is possible to obtain information on their most latent needs, which is why the creation of environmental education programs and business training, finally begins. Obtaining as a result the creation of alternative economic means and all this is achieved with the funds granted by the FAPVS through the project "Garifuna SATUYE Tourist and Cultural Center, promoting Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development for the Islas de la Bahía Marine National Park (PNMIB) ”, a project that began on December 1, 2019 and ends on March 1, 2021 with the delivery of the keys to the SATUYE Cultural Park of the community, which RMP proposed to restore and rebuild, being this destined as a tourist point where visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history, culture, dance and gastronomy of the Garífunas who currently reside in this community, said project It was designed with the purpose of offering an alternative means of entry to this community where it is expected that 4,278 inhabitants will indirectly benefit.

Another of the contributions in recent months under the management of RMP in order to help conserve the island's natural resources and reduce the mismanagement of solid waste caused by the disorderly and accelerated growth of the communities, is born the initiative to create a program for the proper management of solid waste in the Community of Santa Elena, Sandy Bay, West End and Flowers Bay, a project to which the electric supply company RECO is counted as an ally, which donated 8 metal structures For the community of Santa Elena, 10 metal structures that will be distributed in Sandy Bay, West End and Flowers Bay, in addition, printed informational material was delivered that will strengthen the awareness campaign to the aforementioned communities.

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