Jennifer Keck


Jennifer Keck received her B.S in Marine Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara and has a Master’s in Marine Science from Nova Southeastern Oceanographic Center in South Florida.  She has been the Education and Research Coordinator at the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences for over 20 years and has made countless dives on Roatan's reef in that time. Each year she works with many university groups from the U.S. that utilize this facility for coral reef ecology field programs.  Jennifer is also in charge of a long term monitoring program that has documented the change in coral populations on Roatan for over 2 decades.   Some of the best change regarding the conservation of our reefs has come through the efforts of the Roatan Marine Park of which she has been involved with since the organization's beginning in 2005. She has been passionate about the ocean her entire life and feels blessed as a marine biologist to be able to work underwater and in the company of such amazing marine life